High Speed Internet Offer for Wingfield Glen

Dear Residents,
The HOA board is excited to announce that FLHSI has expressed interest in moving into the neighborhood, and would like to hear from at least 20 residents that they would be interested in signing up for service. If you are interested in potentially upgrading your home internet to FLHSI's service, please email Brian Sabol at brian.sabol@gmail.com with Your Name, Address, and Telephone Number, and we will get the ball rolling!
Florida High Speed Internet (FLHSI) is pleased to offer to the owners/residents of Wingfield Glen broadband Internet without data caps.  FLHSI recently learned that the Wingfield Glen communities have been un-served by a cable company failure and under-served by the incumbent phone company, AT&T.  As a company we pride ourselves on filling the Internet and telephone needs of the under served.  Whether it's a small business, a rural area or a subdivision left without adequate internet service we find a way to service those residences and succeed as a business.
FLHSI is a fixed wireless Internet service provider.  That is, our technology requires a clear line of sight to one of our points of presence (POPs).  In most instances, and in the case of Wingfield Glen, that POP is a commercial tower.  We have secured tower space at nearly 300 feet on a commercial tower located at Wingfield Glen and have provisioned over 100Mbs x 100Mbs of dedicated internet access at that POP.  FLHSI is also committed to increasing the available bandwidth up to 350Mbs x 350Mbs depending on the need/demand of the Wingfield Glen residents.  To connect to us, a small radio will need to be installed at the user's residence (smaller than a shoe).
In order to commit the significant resources and equipment needed to feed the Wingfield Glen residents we must see enough interest to justify the expense of "turning up" the tower.  Our projections indicate the needs and demand is much higher, but rather than assume we are correct FLHSI is looking for a commitment from at least 20 residents to subscribe to service.  Upon confirmation of 20 residents signing up for service we will begin the installation on the tower and start installing residents.  We anticipate about 30 days from the confirmation of 20 sign-ups to the first resident enjoying high-speed broadband Internet.
The pricing for FLHSI service in Wingfield Glen is as follows:
$100.00 one time internet installation fee
$50.00 /month for internet service
$19.00 / month for telephone service (flat rate US long distance calling included)(telephone service installation fee waived if done at the same time as internet installation.  If done at a later time, telephone installation fee of $45 applies.)
To subscribe to telephone service you must have Internet service with FLHSI.  Telephone service is not required for Internet.  These rates are not introductory or promotional and will not increase after temporary period of time as some providers do.  Additional details about FLHSI and the services we offer can be found at www.flhsi.com
Thanks, we look forward to working with you.
Scott Carullo
Technical Operations
855-FLSPEED x102


Doris DeBenedictis, CAM
Kingdom Management
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